What we do

Gobbler Boats have in place, Partners and facilities to deal with these problems. subject to contract we can arrange the disposal of oil and related products for resale:


Recover oil spillage to a sellable condition

Oil analysis by experienced staffl


Oil terminal tank cleaning service


Oil transfer to anchored ships (GoPods®)

Oil disposal to global recycle centres

Extraction of oil from absorbent materials

Disposal of resultant base biomass

Plastic shredding machinery

Wood shredding machinery


Vegetation shredding machinery

.. .. .

Subject to contract, deployment of local personnel

Why Choose us?

Financial Benefit

Tackling oil spills is extremely expensive, especially if they reach the shoreline. Those responsible for the pollution face severe financial penalties which can be reduced or eliminated by fast effective response. Heavy oil recovered by Gobbler contains 0% water, lighter oils can contain a maximum of 2% water; each vessel can recover up to 6,400 barrels of oil per day which can be reprocessed ensuring maximum financial gains. The rapid response time and continuous operation enabled by the Gobbler minimises clean-up costs. With a two man crew and low fuel consumption, operating costs are kept to a minimum.



In whichever country our vessels are built, the moulds used are manufactured in the UK from a single master plug. In the event of an accident a vessel can be invisibly repaired in any Gobbler factory worldwide, and it never needs to be a total loss.

Environment Friendly

The Gobbler vessel has a single, powerful EPA Tier II approved |
EIAPP Certified TDI diesel engine which drives the boat and
powers the hydraulics, eliminating the need for additional auxiliary
engines and unnecessary emissions. Gobbler vessels and Gobbler
service engineers worldwide use bio-degradable oils as standard.



Gobbler has the capacity to work worldwide in all locations, inshore or offshore, tropical to arctic. In the event of flood situations, e.g. recent instances in eastern Australia and Pakistan, and currently the UK, the Gobbler design renders it the perfect vessel for emergency shallow water rescue operations.